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Jason Wojcik and Career Productivity

I am a business and technology professional in the Austin/Round Rock, Texas area. Throughout my career, I worked for Fortune 500 companies and the State of Texas in various capacities. While looking at my current job prospects, I went back to school and earned an MBA and a MS-MIS degrees. I am a certified PMP. I learned many lessons the hard way, lessons that I hope to share with you to speed up your career growth.

Data Science

Take data, clean it up, look at it, and come up with some meaningful analysis. Clustering and prediction is where the fun begins!

System Analysis

When optimizing the workplace, honed skills in system analysis is critical for success. You need to know what the problem you are solving is and how to solve it. It gets challenging when you work against hard constraints.

Process Optimization

People work at jobs and do it the way they were taught. Thinking in terms of how it can be done better, faster, and cheaper does not always enter the mind when you are fighting the individual trees in the forest. I take observations on how they work and devize a system that eliminates repetative tasks.

Career Optimization

People need enriching and fulfilling careers. Sometimes, that is not always possible and need help getting through a roadblock. I will share my lessons learned to help you on your journey, whether it be goal setting, defining success, to dealing with bad employers.


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