Are you willing to settle for less money to do something you love?

For me, I think in the short term, I would be willing to settle for less money to do something I love. However, in the long run, I would try to make as much as I can.

People base your worth on what someone else’s view on your worth

If your previous employer paid you X per year, your next employer would do everything in their power to pay you just enough to entice you to join their organization. When you get paid at a lower rate than you deserve based on your experience, accomplishments, and skills, you have a more challenging time building up your salary to a fair and reasonable level. For most of your career, you need to focus on the long term consequences for taking a lower salary.

Making as much as you can help with building better a retirement

We live in an expensive world. A high cost of living along with higher-priced necessities challenges everyone saving for retirement. Simply put, a lower salary forces you to find ways to make up the savings while covering necessary living expenses.

I would love to hear what route you would take! Comment below, and thank you for reading!

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