Giving Up Too Easily

“Your workout today will be your warm-up tomorrow.”


The human mind and body are far more resilient than people give it credit.

Yes, I am now eating my dog food (it’s keto-friendly) about implementing this blog’s ideas. I have been exercising for a while after decades of inactivity.

I exercise five times a week. More often than not, I fight myself to give up. My work out equates to a Navy SEaL’s warm-up. Giving up is more comfortable than pushing forward.

When my muscles are screaming, I focus on how many reps I have left. I tell myself, “Navy SEaLs have it worse than I do, get through this, you WILL get through this. They got through far worst.” Those thoughts help get those final reps.

There are times when my muscles give up before my mind. When that happens, I count down from five and keep going. I repeat this until I get done with the set.

We possess a fantastic ability to adapt to the stresses of our environments. When it comes to exercise, we must increase the weights or eventually stop improving strength or endurance. Even if we push through at a slower pace, we make it through, and the most crucial aspect is that our bodies WILL adapt to the new stress.

What if we give up?

We rob ourselves of the ability to grow! That first set will remain as challenging as before. The idea of giving up and pushing on is not just limited to exercise! Not giving up can apply to a wide range of activities. For example, mathematics challenges people and leads too many people to say, “I am not very good at math.” Consider this table of activities:

ArtithmeticWall push up
AlgebraBench push up
GeometryKnee modified pushup
TrigonometryFull push up
CalculusFeet on bench full push up
A Comparison of Math and Pushups

I studied calculus, and the professor was furious with the class because people did not understand the basic Algebra concepts. They struggled through the course as their questions revolved around Algebra problems instead of applying rules to differentiation. On a side note, calculus is not tricky when you have a solid mathematical foundation.

Another example of giving up too quickly is language acquisition. You can focus too much on vocabulary and not enough on grammar to the point where you cannot construct a thought. Conversely, you have many grammar rules but lack the words to express yourself. Taking smaller steps with both grammar and vocabulary will help you build up your skill in the language.

Thank you for reading! I would love to hear how you talk yourself into pushing yourself in the comments below.

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