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How do you know when it is time to leave a job?

You have some of these feelings when you think about your future with your current job: Relieved When you leave a job where you feel relieved, that is the real sign you made the right decision. You had an intolerable manager or coworker. The pay did not match your duties/experience, and the organization took advantage […]



A Case for Intrapreneurship for Career Growth

What is an Intrapreneur? Will Kenton at Investopedia states, “An intrapreneur is an employee who develops an innovative idea or project within a company.” Entrepreneurs start from scratch and build businesses from the ground up where there are no existing processes.  That also means there is no entrenched culture and politics that people have to […]


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5 Reasons to Start a Business During Economic Downturns

Introduction COVID-19 caused the whole world to rethink how we work. Companies needed to optimize their resources in ways most people never consider.  Companies thought that remote work could not be done only to discover higher levels of productivity.  Others realized that their levels of employment could no longer support the company’s strategic goals. As […]


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Ageism and Your Career

Age discrimination involves using age as a factor affecting how people get hired and promoted. Typically, ageism affects older workers who command higher salaries for their experience. The phenomenon is complex and challenging to overcome, but you can succeed with the right approach.  Everyone will experience age discrimination multiple times in their career. The Youth […]


Mental Toughness - How to Move Through Life

Why we need mental toughness Mental toughness keeps you going even with insurmountable forces against your progress. Mental toughness separates those who fail and give up with those who fail and eventually succeed. Life is challenging and demanding. Life has no favorites. Bad things happen to good people, and good things happen to bad people.   […]


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10 Career Myths that Slow Down Your Progress

Have you wondered why you are not making any progress in developing your career? You may get hindered by obstacles that impede your ability to improve. I have listed ten persistent myths that need awareness, and I hope this sheds some light on why you are not getting any traction. 1. You must meet all […]


The Path to Workplace Fulfillment

People devote over 40 years of their life to working. Unfortunately, too many people will live unfulfilled and ungratifying work lives and end up with disappointments. If people are unhappy with their work lives, how can we break the cycle? The simple answer is that if you do not manage your career, others will handle […]


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The Top Skill to Hone for the Upcoming Decade

Project management! You should implement the skills that make up project management as a part of your daily life.  You do not need a project management title to take advantage of the subskills used.  When you master these skills, you will improve your performance in the workplace and make your promotions easier for others to […]


The IDEA Philosophy

Inspire – Design – Execute – Achieve The philosophy of my blog revolves around IDEAs.  Inspire We get inspired by our actions. Sometimes, we get inspired by the actions of others. Design The adage, “Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail,” best describes the chance of success. Every goal and every definition of success needs a plan. Together, we […]